Friday, January 29, 2010

What the Smack is a Doppleganger?

Okay, so if you're a facebooker, and I don't know many people that aren't, besides my mister who is/has been vehemently opposed to the whole IDEA of facebook BUT I think is starting to fold, you know that some people have been posting this whole "doppleganger" thing (which, what the hay, where did that word come from, can we NOT just say "celebrity look alike"?  Doppleganger sounds like a show about little adorable kids made back in the 40s or 50s or whenever TV was invented ...) where you have to post a pic for your profile picture of someone famous that people have told you you look like.  And that, was officially the longest run-on sentence ever.  Anyways, moving right along.  SO, as a result of this idea on facebook, I have decided that I would do it on none other than, my blog.  The following are pictures of celebs I've been told I look like.  And secretly wish they were right. 

(Um, I wish.  I for real have a girl crush on her ... along w/ a few others)

(Maybe if I lost 60 lbs ... and never ate again ...)

And last, even though this was in my "I only eat protein and sugar free mints" phase of my life, so keep that in mind ...

Who do people say you look like?  I don't know about you, but ANY time someone tells me I look like a celebrity (well, not any time, if someone told me I looked like Rosie O' Donnell I'm pretty sure I'd punch them.  Right in the kisser.  Maybe a few times.) it makes my day. 

In other news, me and my mister are going to a "banquet" tonight.  Now correct me if I'm wrong but when you hear the word "banquet" you think fancy schmancy, do you not?  Well, upon asking my mister what the "attire" is for this evening he tells me business.  I'm sorry, BUSINESS?  What the business is BUSINESS!?!!  Banquet, to me, says dressy.  Plus, the men are all wearing suits.  I don't know about you ladies, but I HATE to be the one that's the over/under dressed one.  Nothing makes me more uncomfortable.  One thing I know is I'm not going to this thing in something I'd wear to an interview.  So friends, this has been a dilema.  I've consulted the ever fabulous Miss Kriss (who's blog I was a guest blogger on today, OH so very honored, go check her out!) back and forth between emails and between her, my mom and the pictures I found of the event last year online (score!) I think I've come up with an outfit for the evening.  A tunic/dress type top, opaque black tights and some crocodile black HIGH pumps ... with the right accessories of course, but I never know what those are going to be until the last minute.  I know, I know, this doesn't sound very banquet-y at all, but BELIEVE me when I say, if you saw pics of last year you'd completely agree.  The women were wearing black pants and cotton tops ... and the men in suits?  I am so confused I can't handle it.  I'm sorry, did you mean baquet or hoedown?  Rude, Kate, rude.  Anywho, I will post pics on Monday (if my mister will allow me to take them) as well as pics I hope to take on Saturday night we have couple date night with the Milams.  Mrs. Milam is just as camera-happy as I am so I think we can make. it. happen.  I hope you all have fantastic, SAFE (apparently the weather is stinky everywhere) weekends lovelies!!!

PS - I have the coolest job ever, that allows you to bring your dog from time to time (that somehow I always end up stealing from their owners).  Look what little visitor is currently sleeping in my office ...

He's my co-worker's sweet little boy Plott Hound.  They hunt hogs when they grow up.  Let's not talk about how much this worries/upsets me ... I'm just going to focus on kissing and hugging on the little guy all day.  The little guy's name is Vader, by the way.  Yes, as in Darth.  I'm watching him while he's at lunch (which I told him he could stay at lunch all day if he'd like) and don't worry, I definately gave the little guy my little Victoria's Secret Pink dog that I got the last time I bought a pair of sweats.  He needed a lovie to snuggle with.  I'm pretty sure he didn't mind ...


  1. Ohhhh honey. I can totally see you looking like any of the celebrities that you mentioned! You are so freaking gorgeous! Ahhh! Do you know who people have always said I looked like? Wait for it. "Ohhh Kristin, you look like Lindsay Lohan. BEFORE she lost all that weight." Umm, I'm sorry. What?! So apparently I look like a train wreck when she was still going through her chubby stage. Umm, no thank you. With dark hair I get Tiffany Amber Thiessen, and since I love me some Kelly Kapowski (notice I said "love," not "loved" because I have still been known to watch Saved By the Bell reruns on Saturday mornings...), I guess I'll take that. Other than that, though, I'm pretty sure that I don't resemble anyone remotely famous! So sad, so sad!! :(

    In other news, have a spectacular time at your ball tonight. (Umm, yes, I will still be referring to said banquet as a "ball.") Make the Mister let you take photos because I am dying to see this dress!!

    And finally thanks for doing a guest blog today at Miss Kriss! It is fabulously hilarious, and I heart it! Just like I heart you!

  2. Loved your guest post over at Kristin's fabulous blog! In my dreams people tell me I look like Kate I my dreams. Ah ha ha

  3. Ha, an old boyfriend once said I looked like Jessica Alba (Dark Angel days). I wish!!!

  4. Sweet friend! Wrote my celebs on my blog! WE have some of the same! :-)

  5. I posted about this too, with your inspiration! Reese is on mine, too. Does that mean WE look alike? haha :)

  6. ohhh.. I do think you look like Reese...she is so pretty and so are you! I can't wait to see pictures of the banquet especially your crocodile pumps!!! Have lots of fun and a great weekend!


  7. Hi, I found your blog through my BFF Lesli.... I sooo think you look like Ashley Olsen and also Resse....You are so pretty! Wish I was told I looked like that! LOL....
    Your blog is just so cute! I can't wait to read more! I am now a follower :0)

  8. I don't know you personally so I'm just going by the picture I see on here, but I do think you look like Ashley Olsen! :o)

  9. Anonymous1/31/2010

    hahah........YOU DO LOOK LIKE Reese!!!!! ALOT!! I did this too!!! I did selma hyak! and I ve been told ashley judd I went with the both of them.......I WISH!!!

  10. I'm so happy I just ran into your blog. 1)My best friend in the whole world's last name is Fulmer 2)Your blog is just adorable. :)

  11. I totally think Kelly Ripa...and as soon as I saw the pic it was confirmation! Same smile :) Cant wait to see pics from this "ball"